Kubuntu: Frameworks 5.2.0 Released and Plasma 5.0.2 is ready for testing.
My first Akademy: My confrontation with my Shyness and my Overall Experience.

KDE: SoK Progress report

Jenkins SoK KDE project

Jenkins SoK KDE project

This month has been very busy! I juggled the holidays with the following progress on my project:

Resolved the docker SSH issue.
Created and commited all of my functioning Dockerfiles for master and slave to my git repo.
TO-DO: Currently I only have a ubuntu slave, I would like to create a few distro slaves.
Created backup and restore scripts for that data volumes.

Finished Linux through frameworks. Holding to start the next phase of the project. I <3 Linux, was so easy.

Got OSX past qt5 and working through frameworks.
TO-DO: Problem point with kauth as the dependency to polkit-qt-1 is hard coded but Linux is the only platform that needs.
It seems silly to me to patch the code on the slave side as Windows will face the exact same problem, I think it should be fixed upstream and
I will pursue this route, perhaps I will get brave and create a patch to submit myself.

After much blood, sweat, and tears I got Windows past qt5, only for it to fail on the first tier of the frameworks.
TO-DO: Figure out why and fix it.

I am starting on the next phase and final phase before deployment. I need to research and pick a DSL system to dynamically load projects into Jenkins
on commit to a jenkins configuration repo. Basically we should only have to add a few variables and commit and Jenkins will load up the job and start it.
It will be great! Alas another learning curve for me, but I can do it!

Till next time.