KDE: Adventures in Continuous Integration

KDE Jenkins CI powered by Groovy DSL and python automation scripts.

KDE Jenkins CI powered by Groovy DSL and python automation scripts.

My efforts to revamp the Jenkins Continuous Integration system
for KDE finally came to life and went live! We had some lofty goals going into
this and many of them were achieved. Over all the deployment was a success.

We currently have all of the Linux builds completed. OSX is coming along nicely. We are working
our way through applications and disabling the jobs that building on OSX doesn’t make
sense (aka needs X11). The Windows DSL backend is ready to go. We are sorting out the dependency handling.
The plan is to utilize the existing emerge tool (yes it is based on the gentoo tool! lol)
and integrate it with our python automation tools.This will entail a great deal of code and
collaboration with the Windows team, so it has to be set aside for a bit longer.

Currently, I have been busy working out some kinks that crept up on the new systems.
GUI tests are now once again functional on Linux and OSX. DBus tests have been fixed on OSX.
Gcovr for cobertura reporting has been fixed for Linux (not available for OSX clang).
The never ending battle with dependencies seems to be down to optional dependencies for a
few applications, which I am working through.

I will be utilizing our Phabricator instance for this project:

Feel free to stop by if your interested in my current status. I am working on a Wiki
to maintain my system.