Kubuntu: A call for testers!

Help make Kubuntu great!

“Help make Kubuntu great!”

Hello everyone!
I am hard at work with backports again. There seemed to be some problems with the last ones so
I am here, begging YOU for some help with testing. The more the merrier! What I need is for folks to
install the updates, on a non-production computer or Virtual machine, and then carry on as you normally would and take notes on functionality, install problems, and any other weirdness or lack thereof. Then report back to me (or anyone in the Kubuntu community as long as it reaches the developers). We generally hang out in IRC #kubuntu-devel or the kubuntu-devel mailing list. Don’t like IRC or Mailing lists? that is ok too, we accept reports on most social media outlets:

@kubuntu twitter
Kubuntu Google+
Kubuntu Facebook page

For faster results CC me 🙂 Have further questions? Send me a message!
My social links are at the top of my blog. Now onto what currently needs testing:

(Disclosure: DO NOT TEST on a production machine. You have been warned.)
The first set of backports for testing is for Vivid.
KDE Frameworks located here:

Add this to your sources.list and do an update/upgrade.
Then remove the ppa from sources.list.
Then use any software you normally would to see if functionality remains the same or improved.
If things break, we need to know that.
Note to Self: We need an online test suite similar to ISO testing.
Thank you!
Your Kubuntu Developer