Kubuntu: KDE: Munich Hackathon KDE CI work and Kubuntu workflow

Munich Hackathon sponsored by Limux

Munich Hackathon sponsored by Limux

First, a big thank you to the fine folks at Limux for hosting the event. Second, a big thank you to the Ubuntu Community Donations fund for getting me there!

I successfully crammed a ton of work into this short trip! We (Kubuntu) first sorted (mostly) a plan
for Xenial LTS release. We are going to sync with Debian as much as we possibly can this release as
stability is of utmost importance. Don’t fret, we (I) will still put newer KDE releases in a PPA for
those that want the newest of KDE, time permitting of course. We are still working out who will host our CI system, as we all agree that this is extremely important to our workflow. During the period that we are synced to debian will have time to fix our somewhat broken toolset so that we can function with less overhead. We bashed a few bugs, updated our to-dos.

On the KDE side, I worked on getting the docker workflow functioning on build-sandbox.kde.org. Unfortunately, ICU was updated so all of KDE will need a rebuild before this can go live. But the good news is we will have more than 2 slaves! And it will be fairly simple to extend in the future, fully clean builds, and we can utilize different OS version requirements. I also spent some time working on Phabricator permissions issues.

Overall this was an essential team building and work event that I could not have participated in without your help. So thank you to all of you that support Ubuntu community donations. Donate today!

With that said, my cry for help:

If you find any of my work useful, please consider a donation or become a patreon!
I can no longer sustain working without an income. If this works I can continue all of my
(K)ubuntu and KDE contributions ( a full time job in its current state + overtime!)
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