Kubuntu: Statement from a not so important Kubuntu Developer.

I support Jonathan Riddell

I support Jonathan Riddell

First, I hate drama, no I loathe drama.
I have refrained from much more than the occasional social share up to this point.
I do however, stand by our fearless leader (pun intended, Jonathan has never claimed to be the leader).

As I sit here packaging what has to be my millionth package, I wonder..
why do I work so hard, for free, in what has become such a hostile environment?
For the following reasons:
Jonathan: who has taught me so much and removed the barrier of entry for me.         (Took me well over a decade to get through this barrier), not to mention he has a heart of gold, I am having a hard time believing the accusations. I do however know his frustrations, as he was trying to get the information for the people affected by it.
Kubuntu team: Every single one of them I consider family. Great teachers and great friends.
Kubuntu community: Our wonderful community of users. Time to test! Extremely great bunch.

It truly saddens me to see all this FUD being thrown around, by folks that up till recently I had great respect for.
Couple things that do not sit well with me at all.
1) Absolutely zero communication to the Kubuntu Council about the “issues” with Jonathan prior to the shocking “request”.
2) The Kubuntu Council asked (repeatedly) for one thing: proof. This still has not been provided.
So what was suppose to happen here? Evidently bow down, walk away and happily work away silenced.
This is NOT the open source / FLOSS way. At least not to my understanding. Perhaps I have misunderstood the meaning all these years.

The result of all of this… My motivation to dedicate every waking hour to my passion, open source software, is depleting rather quickly. At least in the corporate environment there is a paycheck at the end of the week.

I will stick by Jonathan and the rest of the team until the bitter end, but not at the capacity that I was. So with that said..
I will support our current releases with bugfix KDE releases. I have currently packaged 15.04.1 which is in testing, 5.3.1 Plasma is in the works.

And yes, I will work on 4.14.3 for trusty, but it will take time as it has to be done by hand.

I also want to make note that the super awesome folks at KDE are not affected by my recent woes, I will continue my Continuous Integration support!