Debian: KDE: Reproducible Builds week 3, Randa Platforms Equals Busy times!


I am a smidgen late on post due to travel, sorry!

For this I was able to come up with a patch for kconfig_compiler to encode generated files to utf-8.
Review request is here:

This has been approved and I will be pushing it as soon as I patch the qt5 frameworks version.


WIP this has been a steep learning curve, according to the notes it was an easy embedded kernel version, that was not the case! After grueling hours of
trying to sort out randomness in debug output I finally narrowed it down to cases where QStringLiteral was used and there were non letter characters eg. (” <") These were causing debug symbols to generate with ( lambda() ) which caused unreproducible symbol/debug files. It is now a case of fixing all of these in the code to use QString::fromUtf8 seems to fix this. I am working on a mega patch for upstream and it should be ready early in the week.

This last week I spent a large portion making my through a mega patch for kxmlgui, when it was suggested to me to write a small qt app
to test QStringLiteral isolated and sure enough two build were byte for byte identical. So this means that QStringLiteral may not be the issue at all. With some
more assistance I am to expand my test app with several QStringLiterals of varying lengths, we have suspicion it is a padding issue, which complicates things.

On the KDE front, I have arrived safe and sound in Randa and aside from some major jetlag, reproducible builds, I have been quite busy with the KDE CI. I am reworking
my DSL to use friendly yaml files to generate jobs for all platforms ( linux, android, osx, windows, snappy, flatpak ) and can easily be extended later.
Major workpoints so far for Randa:

  • I have delegated the windows backend to Hannah
  • Andreas has provided a docker build for Android, and upon initial testing it will work great.
  • I have recruited several nice folks to assist me with my snappy efforts.


  • Add all the nodes to sandbox
  • Finish yaml CI files
  • OSX re-setup with new macmini

Have a great day.