Debian: Outreachy, Debian Reproducible builds Week 1 Progress Report

It has been an exciting first week of my internship. I was able to produce a few patches,
and submitted upstream, as well as into debian packaging. I am hopeful they will get accepted,
preferably upstream so all can benefit!



However, after speaking with Lisandro ( choqok maintainer ) I decided a better course of action
is to try and fix the actual source of the problem, kconfig_compiler from kde4libs is generating
non utf-8 cpp and header files under certain conditions like an environment that does not have a
locale set. Of course, I have some help with this from wonderful folks in KDE, which is good
because kde4libs codebase is HUGE! So I hope to have two new bugs early next week for choqok.

I checked up on my existing kdevplatform bug:

And noticed it has not received attention, so I created upstream bug:

And updated the debian bug patch DEP 3 with upstream bug url.

I have been working on kdevelop-php without success yet, looks like build-id
( I still need to find the source ) and embedded kernel which I think I found,
though I will reach out to my awesome mentor to get some help on this one.

I did not knock out quite as many builds as I wanted, but I picked some hard ones
that are new to me 🙂 So in the end it was a very successful first week, because I
have learned several new things that will help me with future reproducible builds.

Have a great weekend.