Debian: Reproducible builds Week 2

This was a holiday week for me, so my time was rather crammed into a short space.
I still managed to make progress though.

I was given the green light to push this upstream. So this will eventually trickle down and all will benefit, not just debian.
I will leave bug open though as it will need to be applied to all the releases I expect.

For this I was able to come up with a patch for kconfig_compiler to encode generated files to utf-8.
Review request is here:

WIP this has been a steep learning curve, according to the notes it was an easy embedded kernel version, that was not the case! After grueling hours of
trying to sort out randomness in debug output I finally narrowed it down to cases where QStringLiteral was used and there were non letter characters eg. (” <") These were causing debug symbols to generate with ( lambda() ) which caused unreproducible symbol/debug files. It is now a case of fixing all of these in the code to use QString::fromUtf8 seems to fix this. I am working on a mega patch for upstream and it should be ready early in the week. Other items were minor and not notable enough to blog about 🙂 Have a great day.