KDE: Kubuntu: Status Update, Patreon and Donations notifications.

Hello folks,

First I would like to update my progress on various projects.

Big changes coming soon, I have made the CI conversion to Docker!
This means more than two builds at once!
I am still working on the rebuilds (new icu) and a few minor kinks.

Be prepared to fix your appstream metadata soon, there will be a new test that will trigger your build unstable if it is missing/incorrect.
Please read:

A complete overhaul of the metadata system is in progress.
This is a major revamp so ETA is unknown.

I am also trying hard to learn my KDE Sysadmin hat.
I have CI, phabricator, and (sorta) git under my belt.

Next up:
I will be pushing the multi platforms once again, and have begun my requests for OSX and Windows hosts to once again start this process.

Along with the normal packaging help I do, I have been working very hard on Debian merges. This is a very important part of the development life cycle in the *Ubuntu world, but not the claim to fame that new releases gets me haha. Just know that it is needed 🙂

We have been working on a great many packages, and this round has been a super awesome team effort with
myself, yofel and clivejo
In testing:
Plasma 5.5 announcement: http://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=940
Kdevelop 4.7.2 in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-misc

WIP: Xenial
Frameworks 5.18.0
Plasma 5.5.3
Applications 15.12.1

A big thank you to all of our testers!

Post holidays we are focusing on catch-ups 🙂
I have made note to pursue an issue with IS and LoCo’s.
Still finding my way around this new responsibility.

I have not received any donations via paypal. Evidently I was supposed to confirm my email and I have
not checked that email since I started using my @kde.org and @kubuntu.org accounts via gmail. 🙁
It looks like I missed quite a few. I totally understand if you do not wish to re donate, but if you
could I would appreciate it, I desperately need funds. My laptop is dying from all the compiling lol.
I have corrected my paypal, it will work now. Patreon was also affected, but now working.
Thanks for considering.

If you find any of my work useful, please consider a donation or become a patreon!
I can no longer sustain working without an income. If this works I can continue all of my
(K)ubuntu and KDE contributions ( a full time job in its current state + overtime!)
Patreon for Scarlett Clark (me)