Kubuntu: KDE: Where oh where have I been? Busy I say.

Spectacle KDE desktop Screenshot

Hello world out there. I know I need to blog more. I have been busy though!

I have frantically been working on hundreds of Debian merges for most of the gap since my last post.
You can read about the super exciting process here:

We now have clivejo trained with merges and he was super helpful finishing those. Yay!

With the merges we also packaged KDE Frameworks 5.18 Plasma 5.5.4 Applications 15.12.1

We have been in a constant state of testing, but can always use more testing!!
To test:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-misc
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Do things as you normally do, and report back any crashes or unexpected behavior.

Once you are done testing it is very important to remove the staging PPA.
sudo apt install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-misc

Known Issues:
KDE PIM is in a broken state of brokenness. We are aware, and will likely drop it from xenial
all together. We just do not have the resources to keep fighting with it. Upstream is making massive
changes and ABI is broken. Aka, even if we manage to get the builds green, there is still large chances for crashy behavior.

On the KDE front I have been very busy rebuilding KDE in docker and fine tuning configs for docker builds. We unfortunately hit a pretty nasty bug in docker with the aufs filesystem and have lost a few slaves in our swarm, we are slowly getting this sorted out, a big thank you out to Ben Cooksley as usual 🙂
Also, look out for a new test for appstream metadata! It is up and running and in testing on sandbox. A good result is Appstreamercli: 0 warnings.
An example of a failed test:
I will work with ximion over then next weeks to fine tune the test.

Plus much more coming! I am promised that once docker is rolled out I will get my other platforms (Windows and OSX) back! I do hope to attend Randa for the Platforms sprint, please consider donating to this super awesome sprint, we get loads and loads of work done in a beautiful environment!

And last but not lease I have been trying https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds in hopes of acquiring a slot in outreachy. A couple more builds reproducible now 🙂 I realize I have been reached, but the skills are invaluable, not to mention the money I so desperately could use. So with that said I once again
ask that you consider a donation or become a patreon. This has become beyond a full time job,
without a paycheck. I have not figured out how to open source my bills 🙂
Cheers all
Thanks for your support!

If you find any of my work useful, please consider a donation or become a patreon!
I can no longer sustain working without an income. If this works I can continue all of my
(K)ubuntu and KDE contributions ( a full time job in its current state + overtime!)
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