I’m going to Akademy! Neon team and more..

KDE Akademy 2017Akademy 2017

Yes, I fear I have let my blog go a bit defunct. I have been very busy with a bit of a life re-invented after separation from my 18 year marriage. But all is now well in
the land of Scarlett Gately Clark. I have now settled into my new life in beautiful Payson, AZ. I landed my dream job with Blue Systems, and recently moved to team Neon, where I will be back
at what I am good at, debian style packaging! I also will be working on Plasma Mobile! Exciting times. I will be attending Akademy, though out of my own pocket as I was unable to
procure funding. ( I did not ask KDE E.V due to my failure to assist with KDE CI ) I don’t know what happened with CI, I turned around and it was all done. At least it got done, thanks Ben.
I do plan to assist in the future with CI tickets and the like, as soon as the documentation is done!
Harald and I will be hosting a Snappy BoF at Akademy, hope to see you there!

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I have 500USD a month in student loans that are killing me. I also need funding for Sprints and
Akademy. Thank you for any assistance you can provide!
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